If you have found your way here it’s because you’re interested in CMK. So here’s a little background.

Hey everyone! My name is Kendra and I am the owner/founder of Custom Made by Kendra.

I usually look like this most of the time… blue & purple hair, curly or straight… high heels… not your typical girl in the neighborhood…

So if you see the hair, don’t hesitate to stop and say hi!

(but don’t be surprised when I turn around and have no idea who you are, lol. I’m awful with names)

I’m young, I’m ambitious, I’m busy, and I like to have fun!

CMK started from just one pair of earrings and pair of custom crystal pumps!

I started creating feather earrings for myself in college, I made what I wanted to buy, but couldn’t find in stores. After I started making earrings for myself, my friends began to ask me for custom pairs of their own! Fast forward to the present and I’m now the founder/owner of CMK. A business that covers everything from restaurant blogging, fashion, coaching, personal training, fashion advice, make up reviews, modeling, babysitting, and many things in between.

So, the brand of Custom Made by Kendra (or CMK as most refer to it) was born out of necessity, as a means to display photos custom orders so others could get ideas for what quality work I do, and to answer questions that I was receiving regularly (on the street, via my personal Facebook account, and in my daily life).

I constantly joke that when you see a 5′ 11″ girl with 5 inch heels and blue hair dressed to the nines, it’s hard to not stop, stare, or ask a question… any question! My favorite thing is talking to younger girls, because the most common reaction is, tugging on my outfit or my hair (yes it can be that long at times) and asking me ‘Are you a princess?’. I LOVE IT (If only Disney allowed their princesses to be this tall). I think the blue hair actually makes me more approachable to the younger crowd, while intriguing the older crowd.

I hope you enjoy my site, my products, my suggestions, my world…welcome to the CMK life!
And yes, that’s me too! From when I had black and purple streaks. It’s good to give your hair a rest from bleach every now and then.

To see what CMK is up to, to purchase something, or to check just check out some really fun photos, please check out one of the links below:

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