Bristow, VA – Tom & Suzie’s NY Bagel Deli

9110 Devlin Rd #140, Bristow, VA 20136

Last day in Virginia, and it was a must to grab bagels to go! I was so excited, because their bagels are super good.

I got a cinnamon raisin bagel with brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese spread. The bagel was super delicious. Nice exterior snap, with a soft flavorful interior dough. The cream cheese, I could’ve done without. It was very chunky (and the chunk spots were slightly sour).

image     My hubby got a jalapeno cheddar bagel with jalapeno cheddar cream cheese spread. He raved about it…I kept asking him to give me details, and he just kept shoving more in his mouth. So, I’d say it’s super good lol. The only details I got out of him was that it had really good flavor and the cream cheese spread was really smooth and had a nice consistency, lol. MEN. At least his cheese spread wasn’t chunky like mine.

imageConcerns: Same as the last time I wrote about this place… the owners don’t seem like the best “people-person”s. On this particular visit, I had paid in cash and they didn’t have enough change to give me so they asked me if I wouldn’t mind giving them credit. I obliged, took my money back, and handed over my card. The owner swiped it, handed me my card back, stood up and walked away. As he starts turning the corner to go back in the kitchen, he turns around and says “oh, you’re good, you can go”. I was shocked. I stood there thinking, ‘well firstly, that was super rude’. The I thought ‘I don’t have to sign anything?’.  And finally ‘where the hell is my recipe? how do I know how much you charged me’. So, I don’t care how good their bagels are, I will NEVER be going back.

Wins: Their bagels are really good.

That’s All,

Kendra of Custom Made by Kendra