Bristow, VA – Tom & Suzie’s NY Bagel Deli

9110 Devlin Rd #140,

Bristow, VA 20136

Excited to walk somewhere for food… This place was new for us to try. I got a breakfast sandwich, and my husband got a ‘Philly cheesesteak’. He said his sandwich wad just okay, but the bagel is the star winner here!



The bagel was super fresh. Great snap to the skin. Super fluffy on the inside. And great flavor!

The sandwich, as a whole, is a bit different…the bacon was nice and thick but really salty. The egg was good amount, but the sandwich as a whole needed some more pepper and flavor. The cheese was there but the flavor was almost non-existent. But overall I would very it again, because it was fresh.

Concerns: “philly cheesesteak” was just ‘meh’. My husband didn’t even eat the bread.


Wins: SUPER FRESH BAGELS! They’re amazing.

Conclusion: I would go back for bagels.

That’s all,
Kendra of Custom Made by Kendra