Canonsburg – Arlecchinos Ristorante

Arlecchino Ristorante
133 Camp Lane
Canonsburg, PA 15317

LOVE!! This place!! It’s in an old school house, the food is always spectacular, and the portions are huge. If you’re a regular, the wait staff will remember your name, what food you like, what drinks you get, what you may be allergic too (like, I’m allergic to wine), and even little things down to where you like to sit.

Many people complain of the high prices and the slow service, but it’s all done on purpose. This isn’t a place that you rush in to and out of. You take your time here. You enjoy your company. And you enjoy your food. If you want to eat here and don’t have the time… order take out, because they offer that too!!

Each meal (except for pasta entrees) comes with salad, a bowl of pasta vodka with corkscrew noodles, and your entree. Plus, complimentary bread. Always fresh and warm, with their signature dipping oils and herbs. So good!! The portions are large, so you will probably have leftovers, and they do reheat well. If you want to share, that works too, it’s a small fee because they will give you each a full serving of the salad, and pasta vodka.

Arlecchino’s is meant to be an experience, and unfortunately people don’t ‘have time’ for that anymore. Me on the other hand (and my family) … I MAKE TIME FOR ARLECHINOS!

*Tip: This place gets packed, so much so that you have to reserve bar seats. So call ahead if you can*

*Tip: Proper attire is required, as this is a fancier restaurant. While you can where your cute skinny jeans if you would like, but dress it up with a nice top and shoes*

Now, on to the food.

To start… appetizers are a must here. You’d be a fool to pass this up. The SUPER MUST from the list is the Smoked Provolone.

Smoked Provolone

Two slices of provolone caramelized on a skillet with truffle shavings and truffle oil. Then served to your table, still bubbling and still in the skillet, with a bed of arugula on top. So damn simple and too damn good.

Next, my mom would suggest the Meatball but I would suggest the Tiger Shrimp Plate first (and then the meatball).

Tiger Shrimp App

The Tiger Shrimp Appetizer is five LARGE Tiger Shrimp wrapped in prosciutto on a bed of arugula, with a side of grapes. And everything is drizzled with a balsamic reduction. A must (or tip) with this dish, when eating cut the shrimp into smaller bites, and have a bit of arugula and a grape with each piece. SOO DELICIOUS …. sooo SOO DELICIOUS.

I couldn’t even get a photo of this, my mom attacked it!! It’s a homemade GIANT meatball, stuffed with mozzarella cheese, served in a bowl of their signature tomato sauce (that they now offer in jars for sale). 

Make sure to save some of your bread (or order more) to dip in the sauce. It’s spectacular. Not overwhelming with too many ingredients. Just a simple recipe, like grandma would’ve made.

Next course would typically be your pasta vodka, but again… I couldn’t get a photo of it, unless you wanted to see an empty bowl lol.


I always get something different when I come. My dad usually gets something with seafood in it, my mother typically gets something italian, and my sisters and I typically get some sort of beef item. Last time i went with my mother we just got appetizers and shared them 🙂

This time my sister and I shared the Bistecca Asparagus. It was a sirloin steak topped with an asparagus cream sauce, with chopped asparagus and jumbo lump crab meat on top. It was so creamy and delicious, we were very happy with our choice.


Other entrees I can rave about:

-Filet Gorgonzola (The BEST steak to can get… ANYWHERE)
-Seafood Diablo (the best around, and largest)
-Chicken Parmesan
-Veal Molognese
-The New Year’s Eve Special


The only thing I can’t rave about… They used to have a really good baker, but he has since left and the desserts are pretty plain now. While the chocolate cake is awesome (I mean how do you mess up a chocolate cake), their “Tiramisu” isn’t real Tiramisu. It’s a raspberry cream thing with almonds… No Lady Fingers, No Coffee Liquer, Not Tiramisu. I’m pretty sure it’s one of their more popular desserts, but that’s why you can’t always trust everyone’s reviews and opinions…. because everyone has their own opinion. And without them, we would be a world full of clones and basics. One dessert I do enjoy are their sorbets/gelatos. They are typically good.


The drinks are awesome here. I have never ordered one I didn’t like. They have all of your typical bar drinks, I mean it IS a bar. So my mom and dad usually get Dickel and Coke, I usually get a margarita, but I must say their seasonal drinks are the bomb (wow, did I really just say ‘the bomb’?). Right now, their specialty drink is the ‘Chef’s Choice Margarita’, the Sangria, and the ‘Key Lime Pie Martini’. All are great options. To start with, they make their own ‘mixer’ (if you want to call it that) for their margaritas… simple syrup and lime juice. Plain, basic, BEST! No crappy cheap sugary mixers here. The Chef’s Choice Margarita is a fruity take on the regular margarita. While their margaritas are bangin to begin with, this one just takes it up a notch. You can’t taste the tequila AT ALL (oh damn! beware), and it’s a great fruity taste. The Key Lime Pie Martini is just super delicious. Again, no alcoholic taste (but you’ll feel it later!), the glass is rimmed with crushed graham crackers, and the inside is drizzled with a concentrate of some sort. I don’t care what was in it man, IT WAS GOOD!

I couldn’t taste the Sangria, as I am allergic to wine, but my father said it was delicious. He downed it like it was juice. It had crushed mint leaves and fruit chunks it, that he said gave it an extra oomph that sangria usually doesn’t have. Just nice and refreshing.

Drinks are a must at Arlecchinos. If you have a designated driver, or are only planning on having one drink, you should really try something here. They have all your regular drink options, but the drink special is always something to try.

Drinks are a must at Arlecchinos. If you have a designated driver, or are only planning on having one drink, you should really try something here. They have all your regular drink options, but the drink special is always something to try.

So, next time you need a special place to go out for dinner… hit up Arlecchino Ristorante.