Canonsburg, PA – All Star Bar and Grille

All Star Bar and Grille
1900 Main Street
Canonsburg, PA 15317
(in the Southpointe Town Center)

When you don’t know what you want to eat for dinner and you’ve been moving furniture all day… you order way more than you think you can eat.

Soooo that’s what we did. We ordered a taco salad, a bleu cheese burger, house made potato chips, chili cheese fries, and wings!!

I must say I’m a bit picky when it comes to toppings on my foods. I like them simple and well made. So when I ordered the taco salad, I got a lot of the toppings on the side (as you can see). With that being said, it was soo good. Nice freshly fried tortilla bowl (pretty greasy, but it IS fried), full of taco beef, lettuce and cheese. That in itself would be enough to fill anyone up, but then they go and give ya jalapenos, salsa, and sour cream. If you have a large appetite… go for the taco salad. My only suggestion for a change would be that the taco beef doesn’t have very much flavor. Needs more seasoning and less grease, holy moly the grease in that stuff!!


Next on the order list… the Bacon Bleu Cheeseburger. My father raves about this thing, so my husband had to get one. And while my husband says it’s a good burger, he also commented that nothing beats a Five Guys burger. And I would have to agree. And with all the burger joints around here… restaurants in Pittsburgh are just making it hard to for people to find an AMAZING burger. So… my husband has vowed to stop trying them.


THOSE CHIPS THO!! Every time we go to All Stars we have to get the homemade potato chips. It’s just a must. Even if you’re not planning on eating them all, like that’s even an option with how much you get. lol. And to top them off… the ranch sauce is such a perfect pairing (and I’m not a fan of ranch dressing). And even better than that (as if it can get any better) is that they may be even better tasting the next day COLD!!! YES!! COLD!! Refrigerate those suckers overnight and nibble on them later. mmmmmmmm.


Cheese fries?? NOPE! CHILI CHEESE FRIES!! Yeah, you would never guess that with how much cheese is on these suckers! The flavor is really good, but I must admit, the bottom fries are SOOOOO soupy by the time you get down to them. SO, meh.


Buffalo wings….they do them right at All Star! Lots of good flavor, not soggy, nice and crisp/fresh. Haven’t tried a flavor I don’t like yet.

Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I really like ASBG in Southpointe Town Center. It’s close and convenient and has a ton of different menu options so you won’t be stuck in a rut when you go here. Cool specials like 99 cent margaritas, and all you can eat crab legs on Saturday.

Concerns: They are always understaffed, always hiring, always in a rush, and we never have the same waiters (from what I hear, there are underlying reasons why they leave…so sad). And food comes out slow.

Wins: The food is always really good (except the fish), great prices, and the staff are always nice.

That’s all for now,

Kendra of CMK