Canonsburg, PA – Sirena Taco Joint (But we just call it Sirena’s)

3909 Washington Rd #201

McMurray, PA 15317

Sirena Taco Joint

A hidden gem in the McMurray/Canonsburg area. Sirena’s is located in the back of a shopping complex, and while easy to get to… you just don’t think of it because it’s back there. It has a decent sized interior space, as well as a large exterior patio area. I am excited to see if they cover this patio area in the winter and have heaters… I will let you guys know later.

I have been here several times and am always intrigued by what I order. As I wrote in my last article on them, everything is a-la-carte. So you make your own meal. Might I suggest starting out with the chips and salsa, I mean come on!! Who doesn’t love chips and salsa?

The chips and salsa are a good sharable portion. The chips are nice and crunchy, the amount of sea salt on the chips is a little too much for my taste but I understand the logic behind it. Without going in to the scientific reasons… salty foods cause you to crave more liquids, and at bars, owners hope this translates in to liquor sales. Then on the other hand, if you are drinking a lot you’re going to want some food to balance it out. SEE HOW THAT WORKS 😉 Anyways, the salsa is key here. It is a great mid-road salsa. Meaning it is perfect for everyone! It isn’t spicy, it’s not too sweet, it’s not chunky, but it’s also not runny…PERFECTION!!

On this trip I wanted to grab something a little different. So I decided on the Chicken Tortilla Soup. And since I have to have something to dip with or to soak up broth (just in case it was brothy) I ordered the jalepeno cornbread muffins (from the appetizer menu).

So about this soup. I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a cream based soup because when I hear Chicken Tortilla, I think creamy decadent chunky soup, more like a chowder. HOWEVER It was really good. But I would consider it more of a stew. It is tomato based, with chunky veggies and chicken, topped with tortilla strips. So….. Chicken Tortilla Stew.

Okay, the surprise of the day (and I’m still thinking about these babies) were the Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins. They are served with a ‘daily butter’ spread (which was a cinnamon butter the day I went) and O-M-G!!!! Amazing!! About the muffins though… I was shocked at the lack of heat since they are jalapeno cornbread muffins, but again I’m not a fan of spicy things so I was very happy about this. The butter was extremely delicious and complimented the muffins very well. And they were great with my stew.

So, I’m sad to admit that I forget what the name of these tacos are, but my mom ordered them so basic that it doesn’t even matter… they’re basically pulled pork and queso fresco on a soft taco shell. My mom ordered two, but was full after one. They come with a lot more ingredients on them than pictured, so I don’t want to pass any judgement on them. I just wanted to inform you that these are two tacos, with pulled pork, queso fresco, and a side of ‘bacon jam’. The ‘bacon jam’ isn’t a jam at all, it’s chunky onions and bacon. I would rename it … and as much as I am racking my brain as to a name for it… I can’t think of anything. It’s just a bacon onion mix.

Now, this last photo may seem a little off for a food article, but I LOVE THEIR SILVERWARE!!! The handles are really long and a great weight. Little things like this are what make a small town restaurant stand out in my eyes. It shows that they think about these little things.

Next time, I want to grab a shirt … their shirts are cute and I want to bling one out 😉


Kendra of CMK