Canonsburg, PA – Toscana Brick Oven Pizza

Tried Toscana Brick Oven with my mother the other day… super fast food for a sit down restaurant. With great service.

Let’s start with the awesome: The Margherita Pizza with added pepperoni

So happy I got this. Again, something I wouldn’t normally get due to the tomatoes and balsamic drizzle. BUT HEY!! It was awesome!! I added pepperoni onto mine and that was definitely a clutch move. There was no ‘sauce’ under the cheese (that I could tell), but it was such a light and airy crust. Super fresh ingredients….just perfect. The edges of the crust are buttered and coated in cornmeal (I believe) and it’s just so light and crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth.The balsamic (something my mother said she wouldn’t think to put on, and I agreed) gives the perfect hint of sweetness to the dish and really balances all the flavors. I have leftovers and I can tell you now… I’ll be eating them crust first (from the outside in).

Now that my pizza crush is out of the way, Toscana starts you off with a complementary bread and oil plate. The bread was really warm and soft. Not fluffy, but not dense. Something in between, but super homemade.

We also got the meatball appetizer. Nothing to right home about, but worth getting. It came out really fast. You get two meatballs, enough for two people to split as long as you’re not trying to fill up. Sorry no photo.

My mom got the lasagna for her entree. It was decent, I wouldn’t get it again,  but that’s since because I have an amazing lasagna and red sauce recipe that I have perfected (I’ll post next time I make it) and I am obsessed with it.

So that was Toscana 😀 Can’t wait to try something else there, especially when the weather is nice enough to eat outside on the patio.