Cecil, PA – Oasis Pasta House

Oasis Pasta House
3240 Millers Run Rd # 1
Cecil, PA 15321

You’ll find Oasis just off the side of the road. In an old building with a gravel parking lot. Upon entering, it’s seat yourself, and you have all of about 33 seats to choose from. Quite tiny. But the food is nice, and the service is spectacular.

  • A few tips before going:
    • There’s no alcohol, but you can bring your own! And there’s also no cork fee.
    • It’s pepsi products to drink, and they’re from a can, no fountain drinks here.
    • All pasta meals come with the Oasis meat sauce, a decent meatball, soup or salad, and bread and butter.
    • The sauce is the thing that people apparently go for, and you can buy it to take with you.
    • There’s no music… just silence.

So anyways, we ordered the baked Ziti and the Cheese Ravioli. I took mine with a soup and my husband, with a salad.  The soup of the day was Chicken Pastini (I hope I’m spelling that correctly), and it was super awesome! Nice clear, rich broth. Packed full of chicken flavor, but not the fake kind of flavor. Loaded with the most adorable noodles that are tiny little balls, with a good hearty thickness to them (occasionally they serve it with their homemade spaghetti noodles, but I like the little guys better). And there is a decent amount of shredded chicken, but it could use a little more.

The salad was a decent size portion, you can’t really go wrong with salads. And the bread was super thick, nice and fluffy, totally fresh, and gone before we were even done with our soup and salad. Mmmm, it’s that good. Just some good traditional flavored white bread.


The Baked Ziti was just okay, nothing to write home about. I actually contemplated not reviewing it at all, because I don’t like to review things I don’t like. But I wanted you guys to know what it was. So it’s ziti noodles, a couple slices of mozzarella, ‘the sauce’, and a meatball. That’s it, plain and simple. Wish it had some ricotta or cheese inside…

The Cheese Ravioli was the star of the meal. I’d give it a 3.5 stars out of 5, if we were rating things here. The noodles were totally made from scratch, very large raviolis (you only get 4 on a plate, and it’s $13 and change). The amount of filling in each ravioli was probably about 1/3 cup or 1/4 cup of nice hearty ricotta. The ricotta had great flavor, nice and sweet, good herb mix in there too. Since the raviolis are so large, and because of how they make them… they have these large ends on one side of each ravioli that is just all noodle. It’s kind of fun to eat. I don’t think I would order it again, just because of the price, but hey! you do get the soup/salad, bread/butter, and meatball in there. So, I get where the cost is coming from. After eating the bread and soup, I could only stomach 2 raviolis and took the rest home. 

The sauce: the thing that everyone raves about. I thought it was just okay. Way better than anything you would get at a chain restaurant, and you can tell it’s made from scratch, it’s just that I make a really mean spaghetti meat sauce, and I’m partial to that. I like a thick, robust flavor sauce with lots of meat. This ‘meat’ sauce definitely has chunks of meat in it, but for the most part it’s pretty plain.

The meatball: this was the interesting thing… it’s slices like a meatball, looks like a meatball, but the texture is not of meat? I don’t entirely get it. Each bite kind-of disintegrated in my mouth. Very grainy and lacking in flavor.

Pros: The homemade noodles, ricotta cheese filling, the bread and the soup!

Cons: Some items on the menu are lacking in flavor and texture, and there was no music on.

Conclusion: I would go back to try something else, but I wouldn’t take people here (if I had company coming over).


That’s all,

Kendra of Custom Made by Kendra