I have spent bulk of my teen years and young adult life, working in retail (clothing, salons, food). The years I spent in the fashion industry grew and ignited my love for fashion. As well as, my love for unique items. Unfortunately, when you work in these retail stores you tend to look like a walking billboard for them (not that there’s anything wrong with that, since I still shop at those kind of stores). How did I get around this though? One: I wore heels to work a lot… something you definitely don’t see in ‘teen’ retail stores, and two: I made my own jewelry by breaking new items apart and combining them to create unique pieces.

So in a nutshell… I don’t live in L.A. or NYC, but I dress like I do.

Welcome to the CMK lifestyle … the Ohio version.

When shopping, keep in mind that you will walking for long periods of time! You don't want to be caught grabbing a bench to apply a band-aid....so not cute. So, be fashionable with a pair of short-heeled boots. They will always be popular!!

Layers are key to creating a more expensive looking ensemble. By combining a few thrifty finds with one or two more expensive (or key) pieces, you’re able to up the appeal of any outfit easily.  This doesn’t mean more is better though! Watch out for overloading… things must always maintain balance.


There are so many websites that show you how to look cute, but do they tell you where they got their items from? And do they follow my mantra for shopping? NO! They don’t! I RARELY spend more than $14 for any item in my closet (including shoes)! Find out how with me!

My shopping ‘rules’ and guidelines:

  1. You should only buy things you LOVE!
  2. Clothing, Accessories, and Purses should equal $1 for every day you will wear them.
  3. Shoes are worth more $$. Comfort should never be sacrificed.
  4. You should never have more purses than days of the week.
  5. Shop on days when you feel the least sexy. YES, I said LEAST!


Click here ( link coming soon ) for details of my shopping rules.

Check out my fashion blogs here ( link coming soon ). Including where to get the items I own, how much I paid for them, how I found them, and my techniques to keeping chic.

How much do you think I spent on this outift??  Shirt=$2 @Goodwill Skirt=$6.49 @XXI Scarf=FREE @Kohl's Tights=$2 @Marshalls Shoes=$10 @Target

How much do you think I spent on this outift??
Shirt=$2 @Goodwill
Skirt=$6.49 @XXI
Scarf=FREE (w/coupon) @Kohl’s
Tights=$2 @Marshalls
Shoes=$10 @Target

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