My shopping ‘rules’ and guidelines:

  1. You should only buy things you LOVE!
  2. Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, and Purses should never equal more than $1 for every day you will wear them (special occasions can be an exception).
  3. You should never have more purses than days of the week.
  4. Shop on days when you feel the least sexy. YES, I said LEAST!
  5. Special occasion items are worth more $$$. But should never be double the rule (with the exception of weddings … if it’s yours or you are in it)

Details for my 5 simple shopping rules, why I follow them so stritly, and how I came about this mantra are COMING SOON.

*Please note these are just my guidelines for myself, for when I am shopping. I found that many people have taken my mantra and converted it to fit their budget or lifestyle. My hope is to inspire others, not bring them down.


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