Grove City, PA – Primanti Brothers

Primanti Brothers
Grove City Premium Outlets, 1895 Leesburg Grove City Rd, Grove City, PA 16127

I’ve been wanting to try Primanti Brothers since I got to PA, but my mom is not a fan. So, during a baseball tournament that I went to go watch my brother play in, we stopped by and grabbed lunch. Unfortunately I wasn’t very hungry and nobody wanted to split a sandwich with me so I got pizza instead. But I must say, coming from a sandwich place… they know how to do pizza right!! It was ooey gooey and cooked just right. Great portion size for a personal pizza and reheated really well!!

I ordered a small 9″ personal pizza with cheese, pepperoni, and green peppers.

My husband ordered a massive sub (I think it was the Sicilian Cheesesteak Crostini…something with cheesesteak, but I don’t think that was the correct name because this sandwich was on a sub roll) with fries, and proceeded to get the works on his fries. I forget what they were called, they had a name on the menu but when I looked it up once I got home I couldn’t find them on there. Anyways, the additions are cheese, chili, jalapeños, sour cream, i believe salsa, and maybe even bacon. Everything looked really good, he really liked it, and I tasted the fries… they were good too!

My brother got a turkey sandwich of some kind, I know him and my dad said to always get the extra meat. The sandwiches come on thick cut white bread, with slaw, and your fixin’s. His sandwich looked really good, he said he gets it every time, but he always pushes off the slaw. I tasted it though, because I love me some good slaw, and it was AWESOME!! I can’t wait to try it next time on my own sandwich.

Lastly, my dad got steak in his sandwich. He loved it as well. I didn’t get to try any and barely got a photo … so that tells you how much he liked it.

*Health conscious tip: when eating out at places like this, try to split your meal with someone or order an item that can be taken home and reheated. Even more… order water so you’re not drinking in calories, leaving you more room to waiver on that calorie count while also filling you up leaving less room for food. Depending on what you’re ordering, try to eat the ‘healthier’ option first, so you’re less likely to fill up on the bad stuff.

That’s all!