Welcome to the CMK life!

It may take me some time to get this right, but all good things are worth the wait.
Check out all my works in progress and past items on http://www.facebook.com/CustomMadebyKendra
My business started from just one pair of earrings and pair of custom crystal pumps!!

I started creating feather earrings for myself in college, I made what I wanted to buy, but couldn’t find in stores. After I started making earrings for myself, my friends began to ask me for custom pairs of their own!! After doing that for a while, I saw the need to create for others. Now I would like to make this my life…Owner of CMK, blogger of all things that need answers, and model.

I love mixing fashion and art together. Considering my love for retail, my passion for modeling, and that whole baker’s apprentice thing (my real job)… I’d say I think I’m a pretty interesting person.

I take my time and make sure everything is right with all of the items I craft, and research anything that I choose to blog about! If I wouldn’t wear it, I won’t buy it or use it in making my items, and in my blogs I’ll tell you exactly how to do things, product reviews, and general little things that will help you in life.
I hope you enjoy my site, my products, my suggestions, my world…welcome to the CMK life!

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