So, for my first Influenster box I received a #TryDry #Walmart box. It had a full size, single, bottle of Dove Dry Spray (Antiperspirant) in it. I was really excited to give it a go because I have struggled most of my life with sweaty armpits (sad face). I used it for a little over a week in different situations, and tested it doing different things…

My Test: I wanted to make sure I gave this stuff a chance with all the activities I do. So, I really tried to put it through the ringer… I tried different methods of spraying, was involved in different levels of activities, used different levels of coverage, variating the time after spraying before putting on clothes, and taking a shower. Needless to say I was really excited for this stuff to work.

Testing Described: Heavy activity will still make you sweat, or even nervous/cold sweats, through your clothes. However, it seemed to sry much much faster than normal…the sweat… and what I mean by that is: typically when I sweat, it’s there for the rest of the day. It refuses to dry. But with the Dove Dry Spray, it seemed to dry up pretty fast leaving me a little more confident in my clothes.The different levels of coverage didn’t seem to change how well the antiperspirant worked. No matter how many times I reapplied or how many seconds I held the button down, it all seemed to reap the same results. Putting on clothes right after with NO WHITE MARKS! Oh man that’s a winner in my book. And it seems to continue even after taking a shower. The label does say it’s a 48 hour antiperspirant.

It was really weird taking a photo of my armpit sweat ... awwww-kward!!

It was really weird taking a photo of my armpit sweat … awwww-kward!!

Conclusion: I would say it’s pretty great, and I’m going to continue to use it. I wouldn’t use it all the time, as I still sweat through it when I’m really nervous or active. But for a typical normal day around the house, cleaning, or running errands and shopping, I’d say it does what it claims. I like the fresh smell, it also makes my clothes smell really nice too. And it leaves my underarm area, and the surrounding hair, very VERY soft. One of the best things about it is IT DOESN’T GET ON YOUR CLOTHES!! Hallelujah, an antiperspirant that doesn’t leave white marks. Even after sweating and then drying, there is no deodorant ring on my shirt under my arm pit. The cons to using the Dove Dry Spray: the spray lingers in the air after being used and is disgusting if you get it in your mouth (which is super easy to do since it literally just sits there in the air…you can see it if there is a light source), and it doesn’t work for heavy sweaters (sorry gals). So, I think I’ll keep using it. I’ll even go buy it a few more times. Because while my antiperspirant is good, it leaves white marks, and the sheer fact that the Dove Dry Spray doesn’t leave white marks on your clothes makes me one happy camper. I guess I’m still not able to wear the color grey though.

Side note: I have been using (for the better part of the last 5 years) Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirants. I have tried numerous scents and versions and always go back to the ‘smooth solid waterpoof’ version. It seems to work the best, next to my husband’s antiperspirants (yes, I’ve been known to use that because IT WORKS BETTER!!). If men’s antiperspirants companies would just make the same thing in female scents (or unscented) I would be so happy.


“I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes”