It’s been a while…

Hey to all my followers…

I know it’s been a bit since I’ve blogged but I’ve been busy holding down four jobs currently, and also been plagued with some ongoing illness. While I was able to sort of push through and get most things accomplished while sick, any free time I had was devoted to sleep and medication. I’m hoping I’m on the up and up, and will be back on here blogging soon.

Recap of what I’ve been doing the past few weeks:

  • Took my vb team to DC and placed 3rd out of 64 teams!
  • Took my vb team to St. Vincent’s College where we won the tournament (Yay 1st place!)
  • Been running private vb sessions.
  • Doing research and writing for Life in the Pointe
  • Been super sick 😛
  • Received another job offer (which may be in the works … yes, that would equal five!)
  • Met some cool new people from n2 publishing
  • Celebrated my 15 year anniversary with my husband!

That’s All!