McMurray, PA – Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza

Anthony’s Coal Fire Pizza
102 McDowell Lane
McMurray,PA 15317

Love this place! Always suggesting this as a dinner (or lunch). The wait staff is always very nice, good humored, and well mannered.

The photo above is the meatball pot that you can order as a special. And while it’s a fun thing to do once, I would never get it again… just order the meatballs lol. You’re paying this big extra fee for a thin aluminum pot that I would never use to cook in. I would maybe take it camping? Because if it melts…no biggie.

Delicious meatballs tho! The meatballs that they serve here are phenomenal! I wish the sauce was a little more of a meat sauce, but it’s no matter because it tastes nice and fresh. Grab a piece of bread, half a meatball, some sauce, and an extra side of ricotta cheese … heaven.

Pizza here is just always phenomenal!! End of story ::drops the towel:: Every combo we have ever tried is just the perfect mix of sauce, cheese, and that crust! I always order a side of ricotta cheese, but make sure you ask for the basil ricotta, otherwise they give you just plain ricotta. And it’s still good… there’s no denying that. But their fresh basil ricotta cheese is even more superb.

The crust is different from the norm. Unlike Toscana’s crust which has cornmeal on it and it slightly sweet, or pizza hut with it’s deep dish, or even unlike Ledo’s crust which is thick and sweet… this crust is just simple, nice, and feels homemade . With a crisp edge and nice fire-cooked taste, anytime we eat here I find myself eating the entire slice of pizza including the crust . And THAT’S RARE! Very rare, that I eat the crust of a pizza, and enjoy it. Especially with a dollop of that delicious basil ricotta.

That’s all for now,

Kendra of CMK