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Noodles & Company

3855 Washington Rd, Canonsburg, PA 15317

     YAY, I got to go to one of my favorite lunch spots the other day… Noodles & Company. I haven’t been there in a while so I go my usual. Luckily, I was able to grab dessert for free! I’ll tell you how at the end of the blog 😉

     So, I grabbed a small bowl of  Japanese Pan Noodles, the chicken fried dumplings, and one seriously HUGE RICE KRISPY TREAT. I love that you know exactly how many calories are in each item of food, and makes it a lot easier for anyone trying to lose weight, or watch their calories, to keep themselves in check. And be full.image     Photo above is of the Japanese noodle bowl. I will admit, I was really bummed out that my noodles were burnt, and I couldn’t eat most of them. They were really bitter and hard. I have noticed that each location is extremely different. And I have heard some really bad stories from other people.

imagePhoto above is of the chicken dumplings. I absolutely love these. Great flavor! Dip ’em in the sauce DON’T FORGET THE SAUCE! It brings everything together!

image     Now for the free rice krispy treat! I got it free by doing a survey on an app called.. SURVEY MINI. They are huge! They are gooey! And they are DELICIOUS!

I must note: I am not affiliated with this app or company in any way. It is just a means to earn rewards, deals, and freebies. The app is free, and they send you surveys to take for places that you frequent. Typically, the surveys that come in for me are for food locations, and it doesn’t cover every place that you go to … but it’s nice to have just for those easy perks. I wish they would give you a list of what stores they have surveys for, but they want you to go about your normal day (the don’t want to influence where you shop).

SO! I had gone to a TJMaxx or something of the sort, and received a free krispy from N&C as a reward on top of the points I got for taking the survey. sooooo FREE DESSERT!!

Concerns: Every location is different, your favorite dishes can taste different day by day, and location to location.

Wins: THESE KRSIPY TREATS !!! Calories are prominent on the menu.

That’s All,

Kendra of Custom Made by Kendra

P.S. After posting the photo of my burnt noodles on social media, N&C was very quick to respond that they were extremely sorry for the mess up. They asked me to take a survey, which I took (of course! I love surveys!) but they did not offer any resolution to the problem. Not that it’s needed…just as an FYI.