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Hey all!

Before I start this post, I would like to point out that I am not a spokesperson for this brand, I don’t get paid or compensated in any way to use their product, I’m not a doctor, and I’m not even a hair stylist. It’s just a really good product that I love and I recommend to all my friends.

*Updates are added below original post*

I recently started using a new hair growth vitamin called sugarbearhair. I didn’t like my old vitamin, it was way too expensive and wasn’t working (you can read all about here). So, I did a ton more research and finally decided on these babies. When I first started using them, I chose them because there wasn’t a lot of hype about them, there weren’t a lot of celebrities pushing them, it was just real girls with real results. Now I’m hooked! My hair (while it doesn’t seem like it in photos, just yet) is getting so much longer. Way faster than it’s been growing over the last year (prior to these vitamins). So, my one month results…

Not only is there a legit increase in length, but you can see that my hair is even smoother! Less fly-aways towards the top, and just looks healthier. I’m so excited to continue on this journey and see what the next 3 months brings (since I just bought the 3 month box). I’ll keep you guys updated!

So for the nitty-gritty stuff.

  • The vitamins are delicious. The flavor is a cross between raspberries and blueberries maybe? I’m not sure what to call it, something out of Willy Wonka’s factory for sure, but they smell and taste delicious. I honestly think I would eat them just as gummies if I could eat more than two a day. I know they have a tiny bit of sugar in them to help with flavor, and they have berry extracts, as well as coconut oil. All these sweet things make for some really delicious vitamins.
  • They’re chewable! Which is especially great for people like me who hate swallowing pills. I will admit, if they’re a little cold, they are a bit harder to chew. 😉
  • You only take two a day.
  • You can purchase them through Sugarbear’s website, or on Amazon Prime! I have done both. My first purchase was via Amazon to see if I liked them. I got one month (one bottle) and it was $32.99 (with prime shipping). They came way sooner than expected too! My second purchase was through the website, because you get a better deal if you order the three month supply (obviously), and it ended up being $81.99 + $9.99 shipping. Trust me I about choked when I forked over that money, but I used birthday money so that helped a lot and I figured if I was going to order it month by month via Amazon at $32.99, then ordering the 3 month supply from the SBH website would save me $6.99 in the end. I know that’s not a big deal, but to me… that’s a shirt, or lunch, or chocolate, or even a pair of shoes when I’m lucky.
  • And best of all… the company seems to be very open and honest about it’s product. Everything is labeled out clearly, their promo photos are of legit people (with no photoshopping), and they even give you extra tips on what to do to be extra nice to your hair. Like masks, oils, food to eat, hairdos that don’t damage your locks, etc.

Update: I did notice over the past weekend that my eyelashes were looking longer. The product does not claim to have any effect on anything in your body other than your hair (on your head, lol), but with all the good stuff in them…they’re bound to help you out in other ways. Also, I have never had a stomach ache after taking these which was something I was dealing with while using other hair vitamins (so excited). And I have a short review on Youtube that I did (combo review with an Influenster review). The Sugarbear review is towards the end.  WATCH IT!

Update: It’s been a little over two months now and I’m still super loving my Sugar Bears! I get a lot of questions across social media as to whether I am real or just a sponsored ad and I’m happy to say I’M REAL! 😉 I bought the sugar bears with my own money, and continue to do so. I absolutely love taking them, they’re so easy and have still not had any side effects from them, other than longer, smoother hair, and awesome lashes! My hair has become extremely smooth and more manageable since taking the vitamins, and it even withstands the humidity a little better (so I haven’t needed to use as much product). I did bleach my hair finally (for the first time since taking the vitamins) and everything went super smooth. I have a video on Youtube you can check out HERE (it’s lengthy because it is a full tutorial on how I dye my hair). Next thing I need to do is get a trim, but that’s one of the things that got me here in the first place, so I’m hesitant to go.

Update: I have been using less and less products to keep my hair soft. It’s just so naturally soft now. I barely use any leave in conditioner (whereas before I was using like two quarters worth), I’m still using heat protectors, I’m not having to deep condition my hair as much in the shower (I was doing a mask every other week, but I’m good once a month now). Let me know how sugar bears have been helping you in the comments!

Update: I have noticed recently my nails being a lot stronger and less brittle than they used to be. They rarely break, and are looking super gorgeous. I’m loving this stuff more and more ever month. I hope the progress keeps up!

Update: Unfortunately a hair cut was eminent. I had to get rid of the yucky split ends and such. So there goes most of my progress. But I’m still so super happy with my sugar bears, because without them, my haircut would’s resulted in even shorter hair eek! Plus, my hair has been unbelievably more manageable, and silkier. So, below is a photo from before I started taking my sugar bears, and after my third bottle (three months).

Update: So it’s been about 2 months WITHOUT my Sugar Bear to help my hair grow. I haven’t noticed very much fallout, which is really cool. My nails I dare say have become a bit brittle (similar to how they were prior to taking the gummies but nothing near how they were before SugarBear). And while my hair still withstands the test of heat tools… it’s getting really unhappy (and I’m back to deep conditioners more often). Now, I must admit that I didn’t just STOP taking the gummies…I completely reverted back to my old habits of eating crappy foods and not dealing with my stress very well. My husband and I had recently moved and I forgot to order before moving, got caught up in the packing and unpacking, moving, hurt my ankle and was bedridden for a week, then there were weddings and work, and a promotion …. it’s been hectic. So, I need to reorder, but I wanted to fill you guys in with an update!


Here is the label on the bottle so you can see the nutritional info!


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65 thoughts on “My Sugarbear Hair Story

  • You have a lot of growth! It really grew that fast in 2/3 months? Just ordered these & hopeful I’ll see results quickly after a far too generous trim ?

    • OH NO!! I hate it when hairdressers do that 🙁 I’ve spent my entire life fighting stylists who want to hack my hair off. Post your results, I want to see how well it works for you! And hopefully you’ll see results within the first two weeks like I did!

  • Love your hair!!. My hair was quite long but after a dodgy haircut 4 years ago my hair became so damaged over the years so I got a pixie cut to start again. Grim..I know aha. I bought the 6 month sugarbear hair pack (if they don’t work at least I’ll have half a year supply of sweeties) I’m on my 7th day of taking them and fingers crossed i will have my hair back along with eating well, hair masks and less heat styling. Can’t wait for results!!! 😉

    • Justine, it’s sounds like you have a perfect plan to getting your hair back on track. I love Coconut masks to help too! They help soften and reduce damage caused by our friendly heat-tools. Can’t wait to hear about your results! Please keep me in the loop!

    • Hey Karol! I believe it does … it does for me at least. My hair has become significantly longer (that’s the main goal), it has gained some fullness, and I don’t lose AS MUCH hair as I used to, but it doesn’t stop it completely. Thank you for checking out my blog!

  • Should we take the 2 gummies in the same time or in a different time and if it in a different time how long it should be between them?? Ty?

    • NO! LOL! I have been dyeing my hair blue for like 8 years now! Sometimes it aligns with taking update photos and sometimes my fade out is too pretty to cover up.

    • Yeah, no problem! I love these gummies and they’re the best product on the market (that I’ve found) for hair growth. So I couldn’t wait to share with everyone!

  • I’m 12 and my hair has never really grown. I haven’t tried sugabear gummies yet. My hair’s curly too but especially underneath. The top layer keeps growing (barely) while the underneath springs up which makes it poof out. Even for the top layer my hair has only EVER grown a 1/2 inch past my shoulder. I really want long hair and I know the sugar bear gummies are reccomended for 13+ so I’m waiting until my birthday this year to try them. I have seen people mention though that they make their skin break out though. Do you think this would make a difference on my curly hair?

    • I’m not a stylist, hairdresser, or doctor … so my advice is just that, advice. It’s not medically or scientifically backed up. but I have never heard about people breaking out due to the usage of the SBG. I have personally experienced side effects with other hair growth products, but the only thing that I have had change in my skin since starting to use the gummies is that every now and then when I don’t wash my face at night, it gets a little oily in my ‘T’ zone (but things that like are more likely attributed to life and stress and age). I’m not sure if the SB gummies will get you what you’re looking for since curly hair will continue to curl up no matter how long it is. I would suggest waiting until you’re a bit older and also finding products that work for what you’re looking for. I remember being 13… not only did I not like my hair, but I didn’t really like who I was either. Your teen years are where you develop and figure out what type of person you want to be. If you’re concerned about your ‘poofing’ I would suggest a product that has more weight to it, this should help control that frizz. Check out Youtube videos with people who have hair similar to yours and try out the products that they use. My best suggestion for trying out products is to buy from Ulta, because they have a “happy return policy”… if you try something and you’re not happy with it, they will exchange it for something else. I don’t have extremely curly hair anymore, but I love coconut oil (overnight), Tresemme curling products, and never brush your hair once it’s wet (so if you need to brush it, do it before you take a shower). Sorry I couldn’t be of more help girl, but like I said, I’m no expert, I just post these things so others can see what my experience was with them!

    • Hey Emily, I saw results in 2 weeks. But like any multi-vitamin or supplement…if you stop taking them, they’ll stop working. And of course, everyone is different so there is no way for anyone to know if you will see the results that I did. But as stated on the blog, I bought an initial trial for one month just to test them out and see if I liked them!

  • I am 9 months pregnant and i just bought the vitamins because i really want my hair to grow do u think it would be ok to take them?

    • Hey Irene, No … not with Sugar Bear. I listed all of my experiences in the story, whether good or bad. I DID however break out with Viviscal.

  • Thanks for the review, hopefully it will help my thinning hair. I tried the invati system by Aveda, i am not really sure if it grows any new hair, but i think and not really sure as well, it helped my hair falling out.

    • Hey Wyona! I hope it’s been helping! I know stress and bad nutrition was a big part of my hair problems. And while my mother would probably hate to admit it, Rogaine is the best thing for her. Whatever works for you, ya know!

    • Hey Drishti, If you want to keep the progress going … I would assume yes! But like i stated in my blog, I’m no doctor. I would assume, just like anything else that you would take to improve your body/mind/spirit, you would want to continue taking it.

  • How many gummy bears are in one bottle? Since you take 2 per day and you used 3 bottles per 3 months, I assume that there were 62 gummy bears? 🙂

  • does it work for black hair and I have never damaged it and still no growth and I’m doing everything right according to you and then I see other girls and I want their hair!

    • Hey Alanah! I’m no expert, nor doctor, nor professional in the matter of hair. I just have a little bit of salon knowledge and wrote my experiences with the products that I tried. This question may be better suited for Sugar Bear themselves. However, they do state on their social media platforms that SB gummies are for everyone.

  • If you already have hair fall does this stop it.. or cause more hair fall? And does this help in the growth of thickness?

    • Hey again, PS 😉 It does help A LOT with slowing down or preventing shedding … to an extent! Everyone is different and the reason for your shedding can be so many different reasons, plus our hair will naturally shed no matter what. I knew mine was from stress when I first started taking other brand hair vitamins, and was unhappy with the results … until I found SugarBear. And for me: it does help with growth and a little bit with thickness. I used to have thick hair as a teenager, I hated it, and now that it has thinned out … I miss my thick hair. I like SB because it’s super easy and tastes good.

    • Hey PS! I actually tested this out recently, kind-of by accident. I was moving and completely forgot to reorder. While my hair didn’t resume it’s shedding like before, it did get a little unhappy (meaning unhealthy). Even my husband made a remark. If you’re worried about getting something that you need to take continuously, maybe try adding the major ingredients into your daily routine/diet (like biotin and coconut oil). The reason I like SBH gummies so much, is that I don’t have to worry about gathering all those ingredients together…they’re just all in one little yummy chewy bear. Keep in mind everyone reacts different, and I’m no doctor…these are just my experiences with the product.

  • Eachntime.I’ve tried a gummy vitamin it’s upset my stomach. Have you experienced any tummy troubles with this vitamin?

    • Hey Jennifer! I have NEVER had a stomach ache with the SugarBear gummies. A lot of people like them for that reason! If you check out the ingredients, it’s all things that do good for your body. Unlike, some other brands that I’ve tried that did upset my stomach and/or have weird ingredients (like shark fin 🙁 ). But the SBH gummies are awesome! If you’re worried, just order a one month supply (like I did, through Amazon) and give it a test run.

  • Can you swallow them whole because I know I wont like the taste of them? Will swallow them like a pill not be as effective?

    • I’m not sure, but it does tell you to chew thoroughly. SO I would image it wants you to break it down before swallowing. But they really do taste great!!

    • I’m sorry to hear that :-/ I love them and I’m still using them. It’s going on almost a year. But I know people who love Viviscal and I had nothing but trouble with that…. everyone is different and their bodies will react differently.

  • Thanks for your post! I got myself a bottle a few weeks ago and have been eating 2 a day consistently. Unfortunately I missed one day and forgot… do you know if that might have an impact on the results? Have you ever skipped a day by accident? Thanks !

    • Hi SHerrie, I completely lost track of time. But I’ve never noticed a difference from missing a couple days 😉

  • has your hair gotten thicker? I would like to order but Im afraid I will waste my money for the 1month order. they are pretty expensive. After one month did your hair thicken ?

    • Initially yes, but now that I’m almost a year in, I only see length. Not so much thickness anymore. My hair used to grow fast when I was younger and stopped when I got a bad haircut. So, this has been a blessing.

  • Please doese it help for hair loss beacause my hair is all follen and that realy scared me i need hzlp please and thnx for this great review congra!

    • I’m not sure if it helps for hair loss. and I’m not a professional, I only know my experience with it. It’s helped a lot with my legnth, but recently I haven’t noticed any “new” growth.

  • Does this sugar bear help in hair regrowth?? Have you noticed any new hair grothw after consuming this??

    • I had noticed a lot of new baby/fine hairs around my hair line, but those were broken and damaged hairs. Not necessarily “new hair” growth. So, as of late I haven’t noticed any new thickness, but those baby fine hairs that used to be really short are almost fitting into my ponytail holders!

  • Hello.. I want to ask , Is there any side effect if we stop to consume it ? like hair loss or our hair is getting worse ?


    • I stopped using it for a couple months because I forgot to order it, and I didn’t see any changes. I mean, my hair wasn’t growing as fast, but that’s why I was taking them in the first place.

  • I think it’s amazing that you decided to invest in these gummies! Your hair looks amazing and so long&healthy! Around Nov. last year I got a keratin treatment& months later I noticed my hair had thinned completely, when I washed it in the shower it felt like I had nothing to grasp onto& was losing it. I have naturally thick hair and cutting(layering) it to my shoulders was a bad decision. (It was below my boobs before)But the keratin was an even harsher thing for my hair. The formaldehyde broke it and it ruined my confidence!! But after talking to people and doing my research I made a change by taking 5000mg of biotin a day, prenatal gummies, vitamin D pills, and mixing my shampoo with drops of lavender, aloe Vera, coconut oil, castor oil and tea tree oil. Instead of rinsing my hair under the shower knob I use a cup to rinse out shampoo/conditioner to prevent hair fall. Also i use organic shampoo and conditioner! Brands like tresemé, L’Oréal, herbal essences etc are awful for your hair! ANYTHING with sulfates is! Stay away from sulfates!!??

    • Just ordered the 3 month package for my SugarBearHair gummies! I have full faith that they’ll work! Will post pics of progress☺️

      • Can’t wait to see it! Hope it works just as well for you! What’s your Instagram handle so I can check out that progress?

    • Hey Brittany, sounds like you have a pretty legit system going on to help your hair get back to it’s luscious fullness. With how busy I am, I didn’t have too much time to invest in researching the individual things I needed to get my hair to grow long and strong (and biotin wasn’t enough). So Sugar Bear seemed like the best choice. I did take care to do a lot of research on them and the product before starting the regiment (a failed attempt with Viviscal made me nervous) and am fully happy with the results. And as far as sulfates are concerned…..I’m ALLERGIC!! So those are a no go anyways. I’m now using Hempz brand (actually I’ve switched almost everything over to Hempz brand…from sugar scrubs and lotions to shampoo and conditioner) and am loving my hair even more. I haven’t done an update in a while, due to my busy schedule, but I really need to. Thank you for taking the time to read about my Sugar Bear journey!

  • Yay! Thanks for acknowledging the comment! I’m happy this gummy vitamin worked so well for you 🙂 happy you’re allergic to sulfates! They’re a disaster waiting to happen. Almost done with my one month bottle of them so we will see how it ends up looking by the end of 3 months. And unfortunately I don’t have an insta but if i see improvement i will post a photo on here!! Be on the lookout!

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