Pattern mixing is a goal of mine for the summer

So this summer, with all the trends that are out, and fashion becoming more and more varying in styles. I decided it was time to really go gung-ho with pattern mixing. I have done subtle mixes in the past, and now I’m trying to graduate to more elaborate details and items. So for this article, I have two outfits that I recently wore that were successful and great starting points for beginners with pattern mixing.

  •  Outfit #1:
  • Floral print tank: BISOU BISOU by JCpenny = sale $7
  • Black and white slightly mid-waisted shorts: SOPHIE RUE at TJMaxx = $12.00
  • Black and white rope sandals: RUE 21 = $5
  • Bracelets (birthday gift)

*This outfit works because the pattern on the shorts is simple and classic. Plus, the rule-of-thumb I was taught with mixing patterns was to mix one bold pattern, with another pattern that reads as a solid from far away. Incorporating jewelry in the same colors as the outfit will really make everything come together.

*The main trick is to have a running, or repeating, color scheme. In this case, the color is black and white.

  • Outfit #2:
  • Blue and white floral top: JAPNA at TJMaxx = sale $5
  • Cream and blush quilted high-waisted shorts:  Forever 21 Excusive = sale $11
  • Brown and nautical belt: XXI = sale $7
  • Sunglasses: OSCAR BY OSCAR DE LA RENTA at TJMaxx = $10
  • Cognac gladiator sandals: RESTRICTED at TJMaxx = $19.99
  • Cognac cross-body bag: ISABELLE HANDBAGS at TJMAXX = $19.99

*Please keep in mind when I buy things at TJMaxx, the items that I wear together are usually not from the same shopping trip.

This outfit works because I’m using a lot of neutral colors. And I mean that because cognac is like black for summer, it goes with everything … EVERYTHING!!! Even black!!! Blue is neutral, and from far away the shorts read as a solid print, and they’re also read as a nude (=neutral). So while the outfit as a while stands out, everything in it is meshing together very well. The colors are repeating but none of the patterns are competing with one another.