Pittsburgh, PA (Bethel Park) – Dorido’s Restaurant

A quaint small seafood joint, found in the middle of Bethel Park. How can this place have good seafood you might ask… don’t worry about, IT’S SO GOOD!!

A large menu, with an option for anyone (who loves seafood) and then some (an open faced turkey sandwich with gravy…my choice next time), you’ll be on heaven here. And the best things go quickly, so get there early.


We tried to cover as many options as possible while we were there, but they were out of calamari and crab cakes ?, two of their best sellers (from our understanding).


So we ordered pepperoni logs, pull and peel shrimp, and a fish sandwich. And the results are in. The pepperoni logs were good, but I don’t think I would order them again. They’re basically fried cheese sticks with the tiniest pieces of pepperoni in them BUT the proportion adds sooooo much flavor to the cheese. So it’s pepperoni-flavored-fried-cheese-sticks. Great for a party.

Peel and eat shrimp were perfection! So many times, places like to over cook them…but not here. They know their stuff! Plump, medium-sized shrimp with seasonings, and cocktail sauce. Nice and simple, and good!

Fries come with the fish sandwich, and while the fries are just ‘meh’, the fish was stupendous. Fried, and flaky, and delicious. Even the bread was good (nice snap on the exterior and a dense chewy interior).


My husband said the baked potatoes was baked to perfection, and I must admit… while the cole saw is on the runny side for how I like it, it was still really good!!

WINS: fish sandwich, shrimp, fresh seafood

CONS: fries could be better, waiters were running around and the floor buckles every time they walk over it (so your chair dips a bit).