Pittsburgh, PA – Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons

Desserts in Pittsburgh!

Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons
5837 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

Ever since leaving my job at the Bakery Shoppe in Medina, Ohio. I’ve missed desserts so much. I loved sampling and coming up with new recipes. So, yet another, goal of mine this summer is to try out new bakeries in the surrounding areas. So, on a recent trip to the National History Museum I got to eat lunch with my mom and dad in Pittsburgh. And since my dad works downtown, he knew right where to take me.

My first OFFICIAL macaron! Not a make-shift fake one. They’re so good!! But they were $2.50 each, eek!

I got Lemon, Rose, Coffee, Chocolate, and Pistachio. The lemon was very refreshing! Great to each whenever. The rose was interesting, but I liked it. Although not something you would want to eat by itself. It should be paired with tea, or wine, or some seltzer beverage. The coffee I was unable to taste as I’m not suppose to have caffeine due to a heart condition (SVT) so I had purchased that one for my husband. And as of writing this post, I have yet to try the last two flavors.

I have made these before, but with different ingredients, and it’s definitely something you want to leave to a professional. They’re slightly crunchy on the exterior (shell) and then the inside is soft. Then those two shells are sandwiched around a creamy filling. I believe it is a cream cheese type of filling, coordinated to the color and flavor of the macaroon.