Pittsburgh, PA – NOLA on the square

Louisiana Cuisine Right in Downtown Pittsburgh!

NOLA on the square
24 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

NOLA’s was a great new adventure for me. First! I must say I’m a sucker for some outdoor seating at a restaurant … ESPECIALLY in a city where people walk their dogs around. Secondly, they do Louisiana proud here! I wish I had a bigger stomach or my husband was there to split food with me, but their food is amazing! Large portions and good cookin’.

The storefront of this place is very inviting and lively! From the colors of the sign, to the flags hanging off the building, and even the bright yellow umbrellas. I felt like I was whisked away out of what has been a very rainy summer here in Pittsburgh.

My dad started off with a bowl of Gumbo. I wanted it so bad, but again my tummy is too tiny. It was the perfect proportion of rice to ‘soup’. Because I love my soups chunky without a lot of broth. So when I make things at home they are always chocked full of noodles or rice or meat or veggies … or all of the above.

For the main course (keep in mind this is lunch) my mom and I shared the Creole Pulled Pork Po Boy. It was $9 and comes with Fresh Baguette as the bun, Pulled Pork Shoulder smothered in an Ancho-Apple Barbecue, Slaw, Onion Rings on top. Since my mother and i have different tastes, we got the slaw and onion rings on the side. It is also accompanied by a side of Voodoo Fries with are basically fries with Old Bay on them.

Side note: I’m glad my mother and I split this monstrous sandwich. It was so delicious, but very deceiving. It is PACKED with pulled pork! And I’m glad we got the extras on the side because there were only 3 onion rings which needed to be cut up to make eating them a little easier, and the slaw was very VERY vinegar-based. Which I am not a fan of. I’m from the south, but not that far south lol. I like my slaw simple, creamy, and cold. Not stringy, fancy, and clear.

Above photo is a half portion since my mother and I split the meal.

Next, since we were trying something new, we totally had to get dessert. And you MUST get Beignets if you’re at any sort of Louisiana type restaurant. So, this was my first time trying a beignet and for those of you who have no idea how to pronounce this … think ben-YAY! Ignore the ‘ig’ and the ‘t’. They are fried kind of like funnel cake, but super gooey in the middle (almost like they’re not cooked all the way), and then smothered in powdered sugar. They were good, I might get them again. But I think I would try something else on the menu first. It comes with a bowl of three types of sorbet (one scoop per flavor) and I must say it’s the creamiest and most smooth sorbet I have literally ever eaten. The three flavors are seasonal, I believe, and ours were Pineapple-Mango, Wildberry, and Apricot. Oh man!



I had a hard time getting a photo of these before everyone grabbed one lol.

I had a hard time getting a photo of these before everyone grabbed one lol.

That’s All!!