Robinson, PA – Mad Mex

Hey Guys and Gals,

Unfortunately while looking through some old photos, I found this little gem! For some reason it never posted … wom wom! So this post is from September 2015! eek!

Tex Mex done right at Mad Mex!

With a ridiculous amount of options to choose from you are sure to find something to suite anyones tastes. That is of course if you’re looking for some tex-mex cuisine lol.

For starters: the chips and salsa are on point! The salsa is a little different every time we go, and that’s okay. It just makes it seem more authentic that it’s not coming out of a pre-made bag! I am someone who doesn’t like things too hot/spicy and also don’t like my salsa too chunky, but this stuff is right on key for my kind of salsa!

The hubby kicked it up a notch with the Picante Bufalo Salsa Chipotle sauce. He says it’s not that spicy, it just adds a nice smoke flavor.

Next let me get off-topic a little bit and comment on how much I love restaurant cups. I don’t know why, maybe the glass is thicker, maybe it’s the logo … there’s just something about these cups that I like. Where can I buy one lol!


Let’s just take in the awesomeness of these fries really quick. They were so perfectly cooked and then you add ranch and … what is that? cornmeal?! I’m not sure, but it’s GOOOOOOOD!

WINGS!! You gotta have wings! So delicious, they have some interesting concoctions for sure, I can’t wait to get through them all!

Oh man, I don’t even remember the name of this thing, but YUM!!! It even re-heated really well. I’m not sure why I was feeling so picky this day, literally it looks like I picked out all of the lettuce! and those fries … THOSE FRIES!!! I love their fries!! Give me a plate of those and I’m good to go for dinner lol.

My husband gets a burrito every time we go here! (Side note: since I’m posting this after several months … it took me forever to figure out what the drizzle on the top of the burrito was. It wasn’t until today, that I realized it’s suppose to look like a cactus lol. My bad.). He’s never been disappointed!

And if the awesome food wasn’t good enough, their branding is great! I love the little sticker that they put on the to-go boxes. Like… who thinks of that? (someone who gets paid a lot of money I’m sure lol).

Bonus round….. Since I’m posting this from way back, i thought I would add some recent photos with it! Like the tacos! The taco beef was super DUPER delicious! Probably the best flavored taco meat ever (it may even top mine!). My only problem with the tacos was that my shells were soggy from the pico on the side of the plate. Oh well. I still ate the taco beef lol.

OMG the taco beef!

OMG the taco beef!

Mango salsa? I dont like mangos, but I like this salsa!

Mango salsa? I dont like mangos, but I like this salsa!

Trying different salsas ... mouth on fire!

Trying different salsas … mouth on fire!

WINS: Atmosphere for centuries! The wait staff has always been delightful, and the interior and exterior of this location is just fun! I like coming here because it feels like an escape for my husband and I. You step in here and you’re just somewhere else. Taco Beef! Salsa Options. And fries … get the FRIES!!

CONS: If you get the taco platter with a crunchy shell, just ask them to put the pico in a cup on the side lol, all your problems are solved!

That’s All!