Canonsburg, PA – Saga Hibachi & Sushi – Southpointe Town Center

A long awaited post about Saga Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant!

Upon entering Saga you are immediately taken in by the decor and style of the restaurant. Very low lighting, faux crocodile seats, elaborate decor, faux marble table tops… everything arounds you exudes opulence (and it better for the price you pay). They took their design all the way down to the crystal buttons on their bench seating.

Now that Saga has been open for a while they no longer smell like fresh plastic 🙂 That’s a win! Because that was the first thing that you smelled when you walked in, when they first opened. All the new furniture, tables, menus, everything smelled like plastic. It was a little bit overwhelming. But now they’ve settled in and become a regular hotspot for locals for dinner, they seem to be doing well.

With an extremely extensive menu it’s hard to pick a favorite or a standout for what to get. Even the drink menu is long!

I guess as the name suggests, the hibachi and the sushi are the standouts. While I enjoy hibachi style cooking, I have yet to experience it at Saga. I tend to get menu items that are prepared in the back kitchen just because it comes out quicker and you get more for your money. The perks tho: you get such a large plate that you can share it with someone. And if you have a small appetite, maybe even two other people. The kitchen plates are categorized as combos, and they come with salad, broth/soup, noodles, rice, veggies and your choice of meat. So you’re definitely getting a full meal out of it.

Not one to fancy Sushi I must say I’m always intrigued at the rolls that come out. I’ve been told it’s not the most amazing sushi, but it’s still really good. The fish always looks fresh, and the ingredients are always prepped right there in house. You can even watch them make your rolls (or other peoples’ rolls) if you sit at the sushi bar.

So, all-in-all I’d say Saga is in the middle on my list of restaurants to eat at. It’s a little more expensive then I want to pay for Japanese/Chinese cuisine and since I don’t go for the show (hibachi) it’s just a restaurant to me.

WINS: Amazing decor, friendly staff, fresh ingredients, a fun night out, huge menu.

CONS: Some items are a little pricey for what you get, but you have to keep in mind that they have to use a portion of that cost to pay their Hibachi Chefs! And the large menu can be a little overwhelming.

That’s all!