More spring fashion inspo to bring those warm-weather clothes out of your closet during the cooler months. Top: Target $5 Skirt: Francesca’s Collections $13 (I splurged) Tights: TJMaxx $1 Scrunchy Socks: Walmart $4 (2pack) Cardigan: Target $21 (another splurge but I wear it all the time) Belt: Free – It came attached to another article[…]


Just a fun NYE outfit. I know I’m I kind of late with posting this, but better late than never. Top: Macy’s $13 Bottoms: TJMaxx $5 Shoes: Privileged $32 Necklace: Macys $9 Necklace: Ebay $1 That’s a total of $60 head to toe! That’s All, Kendra of Custom Made by Kendra

Pattern mixing is a goal of mine for the summer

So this summer, with all the trends that are out, and fashion becoming more and more varying in styles. I decided it was time to really go gung-ho with pattern mixing. I have done subtle mixes in the past, and now I’m trying to graduate to more elaborate details and items. So for this article,[…]

Green Godess & My Favorite Skirt

  Top: XXI =$12 (bday present) Headchain: CMK =$30 Knee-high fleece lined socks: TJMAXX =$2 (clearance) Skirt: XXI =$22 (bday present) Shoes: Encore Shoe Dept. =$13 (clearance) Purse: Carolyn Tucker =$30 (clearance) Phone Case: CMK =$56 As always: I dye my hair at home using Manic Panic in Purple Haze, Rockabilly Blue, and Voodoo Blue.

Buttoned Up and Flanneled Out

Fashion Posts will be quick and to the point. A picture, some details, DONE! Hat: 686 (=FREE= hand-me-down from my brother) Plaid Shirt: Target (=$7.00= clearance, men’s section) Necklace: Macy’s (=$9= clearance) Skirt: Forever 21 (=$22) Knee high socks: ebay (=$4) Heels: Privileged (=$68= from an online store, my last pair was =$34 from Encore[…]