Washinton, DC – Georgetown Cupcakes

So, what’s a girl to do in DC when you have a three day volleyball tournament… of course it’s a must to get at least one Georgetown Cupcake. So, while waiting for dinner reservations, instead of hanging around inside for our party to stroll in one by one, my step sister and I decided we give it a go and wait in the line outside of Georgetown cupcakes to get some cupcakes.

And of course it wasn’t a 30 minute wait like a passer-by had quoted us… after waiting in the line outside, inside, and then getting our cupcakes, I had clocked us at exactly one hour and six minutes. But there were many things that compensated for the long wait: like getting up to the register and the cashier saying ‘oh my god! I have to tell you I love your hair! I saw it the second you walked in and I have been waiting for you to get up here so I can tell you that’ and some pretty amazing cupcakes. Plus, the following day at our last day of the tournament, one of my girls have brought cupcakes for the team…. lol.


So what flavors did I get! I got strawberry lava chocolate, peanut butter fudge, coconut chocolate, and salted caramel… And here’s what I thought.

The strawberry lava chocolate cupcake was really good. The cupcake itself wasn’t too moist but it also wasn’t dry which was really nice because it was a something in between. It was filled with a delicious chocolate ganache, and the icing was really good too. Which I was surprised by because I heard that it could be really sweet sometimes, but instead it was nice and creamy, a good balance of sweetness, and tasted like it had fresh strawberries. All topped off with a cute little circle fondant medallion stamped with a cute little red Cupid.


The peanut butter fudge cupcake, while I had bought it specifically for my husband, ended up being split it in half so that I could try it. And I was astounded at how delicious it was. The chocolate cupcake with perfectly baked and completely even the entire way through. And then it filled with a rich chocolate ganache which was perfectly melted with great flavor! Not too much of a dark chocolate taste but also not too much of a milk chocolate taste. And to top it all off the peanut butter frosting was the most decadent peanut butter flavored frosting I’ve ever eaten, just the perfect topper to this cupcake.

The coconut chocolate cupcake while I initially thought was amazing …because I had tried it first (before eating any of the other cupcakes), but after eating the other cupcakes I realized it wasn’t as good as the other flavors. Just decent. The chocolate cupcake itself was good, not very moist (borderline dry), the flavor of the coconut icing was really good (I believe it had some cream cheese in it), but the crunchy exterior of the icing and the coconut was kind of tough to bite through.

And lastly I dove into the salted caramel cupcake. And unlike most of the cupcakes that just have a chocolate or vanilla cupcake base with a flavored icing, this salted caramel cupcake actually has a caramel flavored cupcake as a base. And the best part about this is that there a little bits of caramel baked into the cupcake, however there was a downfall to that… every now and then you get a little hard chip of caramel which melts pretty quickly in your mouth but is still somewhat of a shock to bite into (granted that is coming for me someone who has sensitive teeth). The balance of the caramel icing with a slight hint of salt and the very well baked cupcake is just a great idea when it comes to cupcake.


So all-in-all, if I was to go back and get some more cupcakes, or if I was forced to choose between the cupcakes I had gotten, I would say the peanut butter fudge cupcake was my absolute favorite, next would be the strawberry lava chocolate cupcake, next would be the salted caramel cupcake, and lastly would be the coconut chocolate cupcake.

So was it worth the hour long wait and the $3.45 you pay per cupcake? I’d say if you have the time, yeah sure why not! And if you don’t have the time order ahead. All you have to do is place your order , they will tell you when to pick it up, you cut the entire line to walk inside and go to the left, and you just pick `em up. The $3.45 per cupcake tho? … order at least six that way you get the discount, otherwise…not worth it. Just my opinion.

That’s all!