Wow, it’s been quite a ride this month…

Hey all you CMK followers. The blog has been slow to post over the past several weeks due to a weird strand of events, ranging from good to bad. We finally ended the streak (fingers crossed) with a car accident on Friday the 13th! Seriously?? Yeah, so I’ve been trying to relax my muscles. Driving, sitting in a car, and writing has been giving me quite the headache. But I’m on the up & up now and hope to get back to you guys with some restaurant reviews that have been piling up. But before I get around to those please note that I am selling off a large quantity of clothes and accessories from my closet in hopes to make some extra cash to pay for work that I’ve had to miss due to the accident and other related fees. So, if you’re interested in getting some great deals on clothing before the holidays, please navigate your way to my Ebay sellers page. And if you’re interested in purchasing some gifts for others, please navigate to my Etsy page.